A Treat at PIXEL Pusher Creative Services

A Treat at PIXEL Pusher Creative Services

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The PIXEL Pusher Creative Services – All fun and games?

Robert renders Game Machine with Pixar’s renderer.

Pixar Studios pioneered 3D animation with a distinctive style and look to their amazing story-telling abilities. PIXEL Pusher Creative Studio licensed Pixar’s rendering engine last year, adding this amazing Renderer tool to our arsenal, to provide the same amazing look and feel for our clients projects and productions.

It’s not all fun and games at PIXEL Pusher Creative Services…or is it?? Besides editing national TV shows, corporate video and advertisement or creating characters, animation and motion graphics as a passion of mine, I have a love for Retro Gaming. I’ve had this on my “to-do” list of fun things to create for years now but decided to get creative and just do it. To create a cocktail table arcade game with all the authentic arcade classics of the early 1980’s

I started this project modeling the whole cabinet and control interface in the computer, including the wiring control layout. All the graphics were created in Maya, Illustrator and Affinity Photo. I even print the graphics to vinyl for authentic look and feel for the cabinet.


I built my first arcade controller in 1986, after Nintendo rekindled the home game market. I wanted add the feel of arcade controls to the NES. From there I built many controls and cabinets since then, only now I build it first in the computer. This helps eliminate all issues in the design and function before I start building. It’s the outline and script!

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If interested in one for your office or home, let me know. I sell these starting at $750.



Rendered with Pixar’s Renderman.

Here at PIXEL Pusher Creative Services, we use several different render engines to provide various “looks”, depending on the job; architectural, character animation or maybe conceptual design. Different render engines can establish a look and feel to each project. For example, rendering a stylized character needs a different look than say a render of jewelry or a medical animation. How and what we use to render a job can really make a profound difference.

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Not only can we create and animate custom characters but also create 3D for print, web or video. Check out our portfolio today!

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