Need a 3D logo animation? part 1

Need a 3D logo animation?  part 1

Logo Animations have been picking up.  I’ve decided to split this into two parts because I felt these were too cool to bunch together.

Our bread and butter, the 3D division of PIXEL Pusher Creative Services, is 3d Animated Logos.  As technology evolves and software gets better, the cost of a really nice 3D logo animation doesn’t cost thousand or even tens of thousands, like they use to, but can be done very nicely for under $ 1000 and in many cases, as little as $600.   
With the average cost of a custom animation being about $2000 you can get a custom an professional animation as low as $1200.  We have many samples on our site at

The folks at Living Science School needed a fun open for a school event.

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Using some of our stock props we were able to create a quick opener for around $375.  Since we have been creating and collecting assets for over 25 years, we have a couple of objects to pull from.  Being that our library is so extensive helps us save the time it takes creating assets and instead put it toward animating.   Once they got an idea of what we could do, we did create a custom logo animation for Living Science School that will ultimately go at the end of their video blogs and social media clips.

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The Living Science Logo called for creating a lighthouse that is featured in the school logo and then creating the shapes of the logo (text and other elements) from scratch.  Then animating the different angles and blending them to their print logo.  Generally logos of this type are between $800 and $1200.

Next, we get into higher cost animations that often include natural elements like fire, smoke, water, or some sort of simulation.  In our next blog, part 2, we’ll check out examples of these.
We use very high-end software and hardware tools that allow us to create these types of effects; the same tools used to create visual effect in Hollywood movies. Below is a sneak peak of an open logo using fire.

Thanks for checking out our blog.  Until next time…

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