Need a 3D Logo Animation? part 2

Need a 3D Logo Animation? part 2

In this second part of a two part newsletter, I wanted to showcase the custom animation type of projects we get.  Most of our clients don’t realize what they are asking for in a “3D” animation in terms of what goes into creating animated images or the complexity of using the kind of software needed to create professional 3D.   Using the same software most Hollywood studios use to create those Marvel Movies, we use to create “Marvelous” animations for our clients.   

Just recently, I had a client call up and describe to me exactly what he wanted his animation to look and how he wanted it to perform.  First of all, this is really unusual.  It’s not often I get a client that already has it all mapped out.  Secondly, it was a bit zany and fun!  Logos are typically, well… Logos.. dry to do and it’s work to create something interesting and cutting edge out of a logo that is…say, just two letters. 

In this animation for Lost Sockeye Ranch, I was playing with FIRE…literally, or at least in a simulation.  Once the client described what he wanted, he asked…”Can you do it?”  The short answer… “Of course!”   It was kinda funny because I had just received an inquiry on doing a animation involving smoke and a cigarette.  I was brushing up on my smoke skills when along comes a call for this animation that required me to create a fire ball effect.  Much more complex than a cigarette and smoke.  Also, my client was very descriptive about sound… Words burning and crackling embers and of course the “Whoosh” of a massive fireball.  Yeah!!! FUN!  Oh, did I mention there needed to be a gnarly salmon!!!   

In any simulation, we have to do some research to get the desired effect.  How does a fireball act and react? What conditions are required to start the reaction at the beginning and what happens after the energy is released?   A fluid simulator or fluid dynamics were used to simulate how an effect like this would actually look and “feel” when animated.  Things like, density of the volume, velocity and turbulence of the fire and fireball, temperature and the amount of fuel in real world units that would be needed to calculate this type of effect.

This opener of fire had to set the words “Lost Sockeye Ranch” on fire and we needed a certain amount of buoyancy to the fireball to give it a billowing effect and it had to look HOT.  Once it was “shot” over the screen, the fire had to dissipate and cool quickly to create the billowing black smoke as it traveled off the screen…AND it had to match the sound effects that we were planning on using.  Sound is usually one of the first things we start on when crafting a script.

Click to see larger image

All this used the physics engine of our software to create a nice effect to introduce our Salmon?!?  Yeah, not just any salmon, but a Sockeye Salmon.  Again, a little research to create a gnarly sockeye busting through the screen. 

Salmon, (Oncorhynchus Nerka – The Red Sockeye Salmon) as it starts to migrate to fresh water to spawn from the salty water of the ocean, sits in fresh water before traveling upstream.  It’s here for about a week before the trek upstream, it starts to mutate from the mild mannered fish, to this crazy, gnarly looking Red Salmon.  Who knew…I sure didn’t. 

Once the fire was created and processed, the salmon had to be created.  Surfacing the salmon to look realistic and crash through the screen to rest as the final animation of the clip. 

Once the motion and timing of the animation are smooth and match our rough draft sound mix, comes the time consuming job of rendering the frames need to be assembled into and final clip of the animated logo to be delivered to our client.  

When doing custom 3D animation, most all the elements, yes, even things like smoke, fire, water, embers of fire etc, are created from scratch and composited to add up to a final logo animation that only lasts 15 seconds!   Whew!!  FUN eh?!!  … you bet!!

Click to see Final Animation

Special thank you to Jason.  Great project and client!

Thank you for join us!!  Stay tuned for our next issue!

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