PIXEL Pusher Creative Services ...pushing Pixels to Cloth!

PIXEL Pusher Creative Services ...pushing Pixels to Cloth!

At PIXEL Pusher Creative Services, we use our computers for Animation, Video Post-production editing, web design, architectural animation/design, photo retouching etc but… also for Cloth!?!

Embroidery is another aspect of design we offer our clients.  We can take a logo and “digitize”, which means to create a stitch pattern and organize the path of stitches to create image to a digital file to be downloaded into an embroidery machine.  From there, the logo can be transferred to the cloth article or it can be created as a patch to be sewn on a garment later.

Stitch Pattern layout to “path” the stitches to form the character.

Preview image of what the logo will look like on fabric.

Just another perk for our clients. Not only do our clients get award winning video production services, but designs and elements from their projects can carry over to apparel. PIXEL Pusher Creative Services…I guess you could say “we’re a stitch” as well!

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