Animation Services and Video Editing

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Animation services completed by Pixel Pusher

2D/3D Animation/Digital Sculpting

2D and 3D animation is at the core of what we do.  We have a powerful network of computers to render complex jobs quickly to get your project done, on time and on budget.

Motion Graphics

All of our productions have and require motion graphics.  From web-sites, content to support your power point presentations, to feature style animation and video production, PIXEL Pusher Creative Services, LLC. can provide the production value you are looking for.

Video Production

From our roots in video production, we understand all aspects of the production process from pre-production, production to post-production.  We use large format Broadcast T.V. camera’s in Digital HD and 4k for video acquisition knowing that you must start with quality equipment to finish with a quality result.

Post Production Editing/Composition

Editing and composition,..where it all comes together.  Once all the hard work of creating and acquiring all the assets for your project is complete, this is where the polish is applied.  Editing and composition combines the elements into a deliverable asset that you can use.  One of the most rewarding stages of PIXEL Pusher Creative Services, LLC.

Architectural Rendering

“Creating before it’s created…”

Creating from CAD or drawing plans for pre-visuals.  Here we can create BEFORE the actual real-world creative process begins.

Do you want realism and attention to detail?…Look no further.

Print Graphics

PIXEL Pusher Creative Services, LLC. works with other graphic design companies to provide project support as we come along side to contribute to a common goal.

We can create the product in 3D and “create” a product shot photo shoot without having actual products or doing an actual photo shoot.   In our virtual studio, we can do that for you.

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Flexible and Multipurpose

PIXEL Pusher Creative Services, LLC. is a flexible and Multipurpose company providing options for producers and end-users alike.



Attention to Detail

PIXEL Pusher Creative Services, LLC. will give your project the attention it needs at every step.  Instilling confidence in what we do is a primary concern!