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When you need video production services, look no further than The PIXEL Pusher Creative Services. We provide expert and high-quality services to meet all your video production needs. Our work elevates your video products whatever your needs are.

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We offer comprehensive video production and editing services. We started as a primarily video-editing service before we grew to include other tasks, so we have video editing deep in our company’s DNA.

However, we specialize in 2D and 3D motion graphics and animation to augment your video. Whether you’re making an advertisement, a training video, or something else entirely, our work will enhance your project. We offer all of our production clients our 3D animation services because we know the good they can do for your video.

We provide a range of custom 3D animations in different styles to fit the tone and feel of your project and company. Our editors and animators work in a more clearly animated, “Pixar” style as well as more realistic styles for architectural renderings of virtual or physical spaces. Animation and motion graphics are incredibly useful and expand the available options for your video project.

Our services also include motion graphics for print and web clients that depict sales ideas, business trends, or key concepts for your business or your client’s business. We work with you to produce high-quality video, whether it’s for you or one of your clients.

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Since 1987, we have produced corporate and broadcast video, including animation. The PIXEL Pusher Creative Services is small and intimate in size to give you personalized service. We focus on becoming incredibly familiar with your work and your project so we can offer you the best possible service.

Contact The PIXEL Pusher Creative Services for all your video production needs. Call (678) 247-1129 or complete our online form today to see how we can help you with your video projects.